AUDIO: UD's Meredith Chapman Running for DE State Senate in Newark
By AMy Cherry

Meredith Chapman
The University of Delaware's digital communications director is running for a seat in the Delaware State Senate.

Using a live video feed on Facebook, Meredith Chapman announced she's running for a state Senate seat in the Newark-area Wednesday.

Chapman tells our sister station WDEL it's not a decision she reached lightly.

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"As I was having these conversations, I finally realized that this is something that I can take action and help be part of affecting positive change."

Chapman, who also teaches at UD, will run as a Republican on the platform of innovation, education and finance.

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"Given my background with education--my passion for that--and trying to think of innovative ways that we can really think of outcomes so that our students are prepared for the future--that's something that I really want to help champion."

She'll face Democrat Dave Sokola, who's held that seat since 1990, in the general election.

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